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That must be a good pattern if you can knit it three times without using your needles to poke your eyes out.


Jeez Julie! I checked out all your quilt stuff on Flickr and it's just gorgeous.

I've missed you! But I guess since I'm not on Ravelry or Flickr it's my own fault. Looks like you're having a blast these days! So glad to see it!


whoa, thanks for the link to earthchick's fabulous contest! and also, um, I know have to knit that blanket. as in, I am printing out the pattern RIGHT. NOW.


Gorgeous blankets, but you do realise that clearing those boxes is just so you can now fill them with fabric.

Aunt Kathy

I like the blankets too... especially the pink one... I love pink anything.

I wasn't able to buy to support the camp kids... but if I wasn't on a yarn diet budget I would have been there

Karen B.

Beautiful hemlock rings! That pink one is *hot*. Tee-hee.

"I love counting, counting to the number four..."



Well, well, well that is some serious stash busting! I'm impressed! Now I know why you want to go to Purl Patchwork. Just a word of warning about going with this enabler, my 14 year old has a fabric stash large enough to fill three large storage bins. You see, I am weak, very weak.


You know you could hold a yard sale or lemonade stand every day of the year and we'd still love you for it, Dearie-lou!

What you lack in frequency you make up for in quantity and quality. Three blankets?? One would be a major 21 gun salute event for me:) They're fantastic.


I love the yellow one, so pretty. I think they're perfect blankets. I too need to do some stashbusting which i have yet to even attempt considering that I can't find all the pieces of yarn I need to make one item. It's a real problem.


First, I have to say how absolutely gorgeous those blankets are. Then I have to beg you to tell me where you found that gorgeous green/floral print chair, because I am so absolutely in love I might drool on your blankets from my computer.


Beautiful blankets, all of them! I love the fact that we just got a bigger place and I have enough space for all my current addictions. At least for now. :)


Gorgeous blankets, not that I would expect anything else from you. And the new addiction? My friend, you are a full-on addict. If I wasn't right there with you, I would suggest an intervention.


Julie I am totally addicted to quiliting all of the sudden too! I haven't updated anything because I'm so busy cutting squares in preparation for decorating my new dorm! Ahh! And I have knitting to do, too!

Is it just me, or was there a sudden influx of awesome quilting everywhere and I found it all at once?


Good grief you've been busy! WOW. Seriously gorgeous blankets.

And big THANKS for sending people to my raffle. Yay!!


Oh my, they are all so beautiful. How long does it take to make one?


I love the blankets. The second one is my favorite!


Nice ring trilogy. I especially like the pink--no fires of Mordor for it.

Wonderful quilts too! I like your eye for color placement. Fearless in a good way.


beautiful blankets! i can't wait to see how many more you end up making :) i wish i could get into quilting but it looks so time-consuming and intricate. yours are beautiful!


And we lose another one to the dark power of quilting. Good thing you're making totally beautiful quilts or I might be a little sad.


The blankets are gorgeous!


i hear you on the need to reduce the yarn stash to make room for the fabric stash. and now all projects, knitting + quilting alike, are pushed aside in favor of my new alabama stitching hand-sewing addiction. i feel so fickle :) xo


Your blankets are beautiful! Just love that pattern and want to do one myself - I think your work has inspired me to finally start one.


Miss Scarlett

Love the Fiest video - brilliant.
'Chickens just back from the shore'


I saw you won the fabric in earthchick's contest. so perfect since quilting is your new obsession. hope you enjoy it!


Hi Julia,
What sort of modifications did you use for the blanket as it is originally written as a doily right? Also what kind of yarn did you use here?

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