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Oh, how I loved Stouffer's French bread pizza.

Happy New Year!!


Hurrah for ALL those things. Breaking up the big list really is a great way to do this. (Have I mentioned how happy I am you're blogging again?)


Your mention of kid food makes me want to eat a peanut butter & grape jelly sandwich with potato chips on it.


And: HURRAH for JulieFrick blogging! Woohoo!

What a lovely list! What a lovely scarf! What a lovely painting! Etc. (I have the same problem with committing to hanging art).

Yay! Happy new year!


Hurrah especially for thank you notes. I'm a bit southern myself and I know what you mean - they really do hover above you if they aren't done yet (like. right. now.)


Hurrah for all the stuff in this post, especially the mac 'n cheese!


I really love 3m picture hanging strips. I, too, am horrible at commiting - what if I want to change it? Move it? What if I hate it there? Of course, after it's up there, inertia means it'll stay there for at least dickety-three years.

But the picture hanging strips with the velcro bits are strong enough that I have no fear that my lovely art will fall off, but am comforted by the fact that I can change it whenever I can get off my lazy arse.


So glad to see you blogging again! Happy New Year!!


Is it bad that I STILL love Stouffers french bread pizza? And may in fact have some in my freezer as we speak?? I thought not. Anywho...Happy New Years!


i don't really have anything more to say but what i did on flickr, but as i'm trying to get back in the habit of reading and commenting, here i am.

challah is next on my to-make list, i think.


Yay for it all and yay for Thank-you notes and they must say more than just thank-you! And I'm with mintyfresh - gotta make that challah!

KaKi McKinney

I'm so glad you are back!!! I have missed you! I am back too, but in a new blog. Here's to reconnecting in the new year!


Oooohh, thanks for sharing that the challah recipe was in Enchanted Broccoli Forest...I'm making a note to look that one up!

And I had to laugh at your loyalty to Oscar Myer...I try to not eat hot dogs much, but when I do, they are the only brand...I love to scramble some with eggs and I too, sort of char them first before adding the eggs (yeah, weird idea I picked up from living with 3 Hungarian guys on a horse farm in my younger days!).


I totally have some thank you notes hovering right now - there is something so satisfying about finishing them and mailing them all off. I need to get cracking on that!

Hurrah for all your hurrahs! That crochet post made me droooooool - I bookmarked it for future reference. and drooling.


OK, so because of you my friend I am booking a crochet lesson with my bestie Babs at our local lys. I think it was the whole 'stash diminishing' thing that got me...


it's so nice to have you back. your blog is both fun to read and beautiful. beautiful! love the first photo so much.

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  • ROY & G. BIV
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  • Bodie's 9-Patch
    Birthday quilt for my nephew. Reds, oranges, dash of blue.
  • Central Park Hoodie
    Classic Elite Skye Tweed Quite possible gnawed on by carpet beetles, and therefore I'm ignoring it, as what I don't see can't infuriate me.
  • Biscuit's Big Boy Blanket
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