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did you make those little yarn trees?? how did i not realize? i LOVE THOSE THINGS.

yay for return to blogging!


Hooray! I've always loved your blog. (And I love you over on twitter, flickr, and in person too!)


Yay blogging! The secret is, in my experience, to just dump the contents of your brain. Of course, that makes for a pretty uneven and somewhat crazy blog. Maybe my strategy is not so good.


Hooray for blogging! I've been letting my own blog sit idle far more than I'd like it to, lately...maybe I'll try to turn that around this next year.

I absolutely adore that crocheted blanket. And pretty much everything else in this post.


Oh yay! I'm not the only one returning to blogging. What a wealth of crafty goodness you've churned out in the last month. Amazeballs.


I'm in love with those yarn trees too! And I must learn to crochet.


Its nice to see you back!


Welcome back! I love those yarn trees.

Miss Scarlett

Yay! Welcome back.

The yarn trees are wonderful -- and the pie looks incredible.

here's to a brand new day!


That wrapping of the form with fab fabric is genius my friend GENIUS!!



I've missed meeting you here. :)


i started reading here just when your writing slowed down and i miss it, even after just the little taste i got. please write more.

i think flickr and the twit all have their place, but nothing beats a good blog post. come back, come back. :)

and happy new year!


Always good to hear from you - no matter what form it takes. Happy brand new day!


Julie, I have always loved reading your blog and keeping up with you - I miss you tons over in the Malabrigo Junkies on Ravelry. But if there's one thing I do know, it's that the road to crafting happiness has so much to do with family and real life in so many ways that you cannot feel more obligated to the computer world than the real one.

If you decided to stop blogging, or just to keep it intermittent, you shouldn't feel guilty about it. After all, it's not like you're giving up your crafting - you're just spending more time focusing on what you feel is most important :)

That said, it is always a great surprise when you rise to the top of my 'updated blog' roll!


Mmmm... Smitten Kitchen is fantastic. I made her cream biscuits for Christmas dinner and they were so simple, and mouthwateringly (a word? I'm going with it) delicious.

Love seeing your new crafty adventures - very inspiring!


Glad to have you back, Julie!


thanks for sharing the crafting love.
That pillow is serious - seriously just perfect.


Love the yarn trees.

Dropped by to check out the Granny Squares and well I still have bad flash backs of the 70's that no amount of psychoanalysis or drink can rid me of.

Oh Embroidery! I'm sure she'll love that pillow


Now that's some serious crafting! Everything looks awesome, esp. the granny square afghan.

Glad to have you blogging again. :-)


wooo!! i always love seeing fricknits all bold in the reader list :-)


Like many, I'm excited to see you blogging again! I do follow (or lurk is more accurate) at Flickr but I miss your more detailed posts of your crafts! It's nice to read someone who has a crazy amount of crafting hobbies as well. Wishing you and your family a great 2010!


love the trees. I have so many yarn cones at my workshop!!! I will definitely make some of them next Christmas! Lovely blog!

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