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Oh my gosh, your Granny (the human one) is SO CUTE.


I've already committed to a Babette rather than a giant granny, but you all have totally convinced me to make a granny Babette rather than the normal one. I can't wait to get started!


What I don't get is why Erika has you crochet such lovely squares then forces you to whip-stitch them together, when one of my favoritist things ever about crochet is joining knitted or crocheted squares and blanket edges with it. I even made a video about it because it's so awesomely fast, including ripping it out. Most recent crocheted border/edging: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/crankyisgood/frances-nursing-shawl

Love having you back on the blog, my dear.


Yay for grannies! (Both soft & round kind as well as square!)

I guess it's 70's nostalgia all the way for me. I have very fond memories of that decade despite my "sartorial, pharmaceutical, musical, and aesthetic" choices of that time.


I haven't been tempted by crochet, until now! Oh dear.

I enjoy your blog, glad to have you back:)


So, I was going to say, "I will not fall down the granny hole" but that sounds pervy, so I will not fall down the granny square hole.
I CANNOT fall down the granny square hole.
I cannot fall down the granny square hole.
I cannot fall down the granny square hole....


Oh, I'm totally with you. All I need to do is GET STARTED, which is difficult for me these days, as I am finding it easier to ponder possibilities and spin my wheels.


how long til you're subscribed to Crochet Today? :)

lots of afghans. in fact, the next special issue is *all afghans*.

i'm not a giant granny square blanket girl myself, but i'm itching to get yarn for a crocheted blanket already.


I love the look of granny squares. They're classic for a reason, right?

Ellen Bloom

Granny Squares are the building blocks to fashion! Welcome to the club!


Ugh, I've been resisting for sooooooo long. But you're pushing hard! Happy New Year!


Gotta tell you G. Biv and Roy are making me want to crochet... guess I whould learn. They are awesome, and made me chuckle too.


I should also check over my spelling before posting a comment.... lol

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