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I love lists. I have notebooks full of lists. And you are so very right about the Internet and its lack of a good way of keeping track of all of the wonderful things it contains.

I think 5-item lists as blog posts is a fabulous idea.


I do not sew at all, so I cannot comment about all the sewing/quilting folderole. But I have made the JC boeuf bourgignon and it is so worth it, even though you feel like the oven is going to spontaneously combust.


I made Julia Child's beef burgundy once -- it was delicious! The only reason I haven't made it again is that the cookbook is packed away somewhere.


I made Julia's beef bourguignon for our Christmas dinner this year! It was fabulous, the best stew we ever had. It's actually super easy to make (or maybe I just really love to cook?). My husband found the original TV episode for me and I watched that, which really helped (although the recipe is different than her book one). My only advice is get a wonderful cut of beef but cut it yourself into large chunks, much bigger than 'stew meat'.

Those fabrics are perfect for a new apron! Love it!


I have made marshmallows, home made are totally the way to go and so yum!


I am SO making my own marshmallows when it's winter here. That's a fantastic idea.

I have an Amy Butler apron pattern that I need to make, but I'm scared! Sewing is still a bit new and scary. But I know I can do it - maybe that will be on my January list. Along with cleaning up some WIPs so that my previously very organised system of baskets can be functional again. Wouldn't that be dreamy!

Can't wait to see the fruits of your labours...


apparently apron making is big right now, I've talked to several people that have been making aprons for xmas, etc. I love the spoon fabric!
I never heard of making marshmallows, though! that's interesting.


oh i heart lists. especially since i'm the out of sight out of mind type of person - if i don't write it down it just will float off with the other grand ideas/inspirations i have and see.

there once was a time i used google notebook... sigh, they discontinued it. if i find something i will so let you know.


For your lists, have you tried Evernote? there's a free and paid service. I upgraded to paid after I started really using it to store knitting patterns, sewing patterns, recipes, links, voice memos, receipts, etc. And I can sync to all the computers I use, plus my iPhone so I can almost always get to the list. In the analog realm, a good ole Moleskin notebook is always handy and small enough to always have in my purse.

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