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what happened is so heartbreaking. you are right, we need to educate ourselves. yesterday i hosted a baby shower for my cousin and was stressing about getting a crap dip recipe right and then i looked up at cnn and felt disgusted with myself and my first world problems. i donated to the red cross and then logged onto ravelry and saw what so many awesome designers have done by donating their proceeds. pattern purchasing commenced! the generosity is amazing and i'm glad to be part of this creative community!


Once again, I am crying about this. And you've hit the nail on the head about information, responsibility, and privilege. It's what I try to teach my students when they do their research. I hope some of it sinks in.


Thank you.


Thank you for this post Julia.


Megan sent me. Thank you for sharing.


Excellent post. Thank you.


Thank you for sharing about your experience traveling to Haiti. Beautifully written. I had no idea about the pattern proceeds donation on ravelry and that makes me so happy to be a knitter and part of such a caring community of people.


I made a donation to MSF/DWB and bought a bunch of Rav patterns tagged for Haiti relief tonight. When I lived in Silver Spring, Maryland, I was good friends with a woman who had emigrated from Haiti. (She was the first person to call my younger son by his nickname, John-John -- before he was born.) I know that even on a good day, things are very, very hard for most Haitians. I couldn't begin to imagine the devastating effect that a quake would have on them. Thanks for this post, and for reminding us all to be more aware of and caring for our neighbors.


You're right (like you needed me to tell you that). Donate now, but civic responsibility is an ongoing act.


Guinifer lead me over here. These are WONDEFUL pictures of Haiti. I was there 20 years ago with a medical mission - we stayed at St. Josephs Boys Home.

I remember the horrific poverty, but what I remember best is the smiling, laughing and singing of almost everyone we met. Such joy and happiness even when they didn't have running water, pants to wear - food to eat.

You posted gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing that.


thank you for this. it makes such a real face to the place. my friend has a friend who has a family that has lost everything...that seems to make such a real connection for me too. it is a place i can put my energy for their lives to be rebuilt.


Thank you for these smiling faces & sparkling eyes, reminding us of the humanity behind the statistics and of the need for civic responsibility long after the news reports subside.


i am grateful for this post as well. this is an impt message.


Thanks so much for this.

Miss Scarlett

Beautiful post.
Thank you for sharing.

And thank you for the Rav info - I didn't know.


Thank you for sharing your important message and beautiful pictures. Let's get to it.


Thank YOU.
My BIL is Haitian (born in Port-au-Prince). He came over as a child with his parents, and the rest of his siblings were born here. Most of their family, aunts and uncles, are here now too. But not all. And they're still trying to contact with some of them.
Mano (BIL's father) would tell us stories about his days growing up there. Always the poverty showed, but also the determination and strength of will. And the joy and laughter and strong belief in family.
I sent to DWB the day I heard about it. I get paid next week and will be giving to the Red Cross. And I called my sister's home to tell them I was thinking of them and hoping the best for their family there.
I am hoping the best for all families and all people there.




Thank you.
It's time to give blood again. I should go.


Thank you for sharing this, Julie. I had already joined the Ravelry movement. Money is good, but, you're right, knowledge is so important, too.


Thank you for this post!


What a lovely post, your sincere words touched my heart.

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Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing about your experience traveling to Haiti.

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